Knesset Committe on Aliya and Absorption   

on  03/01/2017 
Against BDS and anti-semitism

​A brainstorming session on anti-semitism and BDS, which included representatives of organizations and student groups from around the world, took place at the Knesset Aliyah and Absorption Committee today, and raised some of the most serious problems facing Israel and world Jewry.
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Committee Chair, MK Avraham Negossa, said that mobilization of young people worldwide against BDS, which is the modern anti-semitism, is important.

He said, "Today we hear the statstics and see that this phenomenon is worsening. "The way to meet this challenge is cooperation and coordination among government offices and organizations in order to strengthen Jewish communities. He thanked all the participants for taking part in today's meeting.
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Prof. Irwin Cotler, former Justice Minister of Canada, noted that over the past 40 years we have been witnessing an accumulative lethal anti-semitism and "an assault on the Jewish people's right to live as a people among nations" and "a demonization of Israel by ascribing the worst evils of the 20th century to it- imperialism, colonialism and apartheid". (Special interview to Keren Hayesod to follow shortly).

Yehuda Sitton, Director oa Shlichim and Israeli Fellows at the Jewish Agency, said that the barrier of apathy among most students on campus has to be broken. A new language has to be created in order to address the phenomenon of BDS, which is the new anti-semitism. "The Jewish Agency, Keren Hayesod and all other organizations should do this together".
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Representatives of various stedent organizations from around the world shared very unpleasant cases of hatred, incitement and sanctions they have been encountering with growing severity on many campuses.



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