6 years since the Carmel fire disaster   

on  08/12/2016 
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Keren Hayesod-UIA remembers those who died in the fire
Six years after the disastrous fire on Mount Carmel in Israel’s north, Keren Hayesod-UIA remembers those who died in the fire and pays tribute to our donors who rushed to help in that hour of need in 2010.

The Carmel Forest fire was one of the worst in Israel’s history, taking the lives of 44 people, including 37 Prison Service cadets who were on a bus on their way to evacuate a prison in the area when they were engulfed in flames on the way up the mountain. The chief of the Haifa police along with two other police officers, two firefighters and a teenage firefighting volunteer, also lost their lives. The fire ravaged communities in the area as well as large portions of the forest itself.

As usual, donors to Keren Heyesod-UIA were among the first to come to the assistance of those affected by the tragedy, helping to restore communities and assisting the victims in a wide variety of fields. Among the recipients was the Yemin Orde Youth Village, which has been regular beneficiary of Keren Hayesod’s support, and where fire damaged a number of buildings. Keren Hayesod donors also provided substantial funding for the memorial to the dead on a hill, overlooking the point on the road where the bus carrying the cadets was consumed by the flames. 

The Keren Hayesod Communications Division produced a film that depicts the events of the horrible tragedy and highlights the importance of our donors’ support.


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